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The Great Lakes International Innovation Summit is proud to present some of the most knowledgeable, dynamic speakers in the entrepreneurial ecosystem. Read on for more information about each of the fantastic session presenters you'll enjoy at the GLIn2 Summit.


Carol Abrahamson

Executive Director & Founder of the Illinois Business Innovation Association

Carol Abrahamson Headshot.JPG
Brian Anderson headshot.jpg

Brian Anderson

Attorney, DeWitt Ross & Stevens S.C.

David Brier, Founder of Rising Above the Noise 

Brand expert, bestselling author, recipient of the Presidential Ambassador for Global Entrepreneurship medallion 

David Brier headshot.JPG

Sandra Cochrane

Assistant Dean & Director of the WMed Innovation Center

Mark Johnson

Executive Director of the Whitewater University Technology Park

Mark Johnson headshot.jpg



Sidney Moncrief, Keynote Speaker, Managing Partner of Moncrief One Team

Life-long entrepreneur, 5-time NBA all-star, leadership guru, and author

Adam Peck

Founder & Chief Investment Officer, Riverwater Partners LLC

Adam Peck headshot.jpg

Craig Ranger

Founder, President/CEO of Radius Labs

Craig Ranger headshot.jpg



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