The 2016 Great Lakes International Innovation Summit in Milwaukee was co-hosted by the Michigan Business Incubator Association and the Wisconsin Business Innovation Association. This multi-day event offered educational and networking opportunities for all entrepreneurial support professionals working with incubators, accelerators, co-working spaces, maker spaces, economic development agencies, universities, SBDCs, and more.

MBIA is in the house!
David Terry
David Terry from Destination Coaching leading training track on coaching entrepreneurs.
David Terry 2
David Terry continues to train participants in effective coaching principals at day 2 of the Great Lakes International Innovation Summit.
David Terry 3
David Terry's coaching clinic was a highlight of Glin2.
Tracy and Greg
Greg Meier @stritchu and Tracy Kitts @IEDCtweets delivering engaging session on customer discovery.
Tom Gralewicz
Rounding out the GLIn2 session on Launching and Growing a Fab Lab/Maker Space is Tom Gralewicz, founder of @MilwaukeeMakers.
Greg Herker
Greg Herker from @fablab @GatewayCC presents his expertise on launching and growing a Fab Lab/Maker Space.
Gwen and Sandra
Sandra Cochrane, MBIA President, and Gwen Benner from Kiva led a great session on crowd funding.
Gwen Benner
Fascinating presentation on microloan crowdfunding by Gwen Benner, Milwaukee Kiva Trustee.
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